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What is Instagram TV?

Instagram TV (IGTV for short) is a new part of the Instagram app and an app on it’s own for Android and iOS. (Looks like YouTube and the discover section of Snapchat just got a new rival.) With this new tool from Instagram, videos of over one minute (and even an hour) can be uploaded to Instagram, and just as in the case of YouTube videos, people can leave comments on them and also send them to friends.

The gist you shouldn’t miss is that Instagram has a plan to help people that make videos to make money from their content, and since it has been said that anyone can achieve fame using it, this is your chance to increase your own share of the world that will focus on you on Instagram.

1000 Instagram TV Views

Ever been frustrated when you see that other Instagram users are having thousands of views and you’re fighting hard to get just a hundred? Ever wondered how hard it can be to get the number of views you want to on your Instagram TV?

If this is where you find yourself, it’s because you have not yet visited your favourite clerk — IGClerks.

You need a lot of views on your Instagram TV for a lot of reasons, and one key reason is that it is very necessary in creating and building a good standing on the social scene.

If you’d let IGClerks, we’d help you to grow your social media presence very quickly and at very affordable rates so you can spend more time building great content for your followers. Buying Instagram TV views has what it takes to increase your visibility on Instagram. Amazing things can be done for your business on Instagram when you buy views — and it’s easier with our affordable rates.

All we need from you is the link to your Instagram TV video, and you can go to sleep. You should focus on creating, managing and upgrading the value of your content and let us display them to the perfect audience.

You Should Buy Views on Instagram

What you probably know before you came looking for us is that you could spend a lot of money taking steps to grow your profile or get your videos to be seen and still fail at it. So, you settled to buy followers.

We know how hard it is to get views on your videos, especially if you’re a new Instagram user. So, we suggest you buy views and save a lot of money. (Buying views with IGClerks is very cheap.) We know you have what it takes to develop great content for your Instagram TV and that’s why you should spend more time developing greater content instead of focusing on publicity. Doing business with us gives you an edge over your contemporaries and we bet that you will never want to stop doing business with us when you see the results of your first attempt at business with us.

Quality Views

Quality views are views from active accounts that can like and comment on your videos. The kind of views you’ll get when you buy from certain sites are from fake accounts (=accounts created for the sole purpose of following other accounts, liking pictures, viewing videos and stuff like that). The disadvantage of this is that your engagements ratio will be far less than what’s expected. These accounts, in a lot of cases, have a high number of accounts that they follow and an embarrassingly low number of accounts following them (stuff like “Followers=7”, “Following=2345”), few images — and rarely will you find a video — on them, maybe a little information on the profiles and not much more. These accounts can’t provide you with quality views because they are fake.

IGClerks offers quality views that come with real Instagram engagements. Its funny to see a video with a thousand plus views on it but having few likes and comments. You need quality followers and that’s what we guarantee you.


What About Buying Comments and Likes Too?

It looks ridiculous to have a thousand views on Instagram and have few engagements under them. This is the case when you don’t get quality views. Quality views are from real people, so they can also like and comment on your videos.

If you get quality views, you won’t bother to spend more buying Instagram followers, likes and comments as some of those viewing your videos will become interested in the videos and like and comment on them and/or become interested in your account and follow you.

Instant Delivery

We don’t just give you views, but we give you views when you want them. We begin as soon as you pay and you’ll get all the views you want instantly.

24/7 Email Support

You can reach us via email anytime of the day and even on weekends. Your IGClerks are always here for you.

No Password Needed

You don’t have to worry about the security of your accounts, because we won’t request for your password. All we’ll ask you to provide is the link to the video whose views you want to boost.

Why You Should Choose Us

Because have a good reputation and we stick to our word. We are your best choice and you won’t find any service like us out there. We deliver quality views, not from fake accounts created for the purpose of viewing videos, but from real accounts that will interact with you. When you purchase views from IGClerks, we are dedicated to your order until it’s done 100%. You are assured of having no regrets if you patronize us. Don’t ever forget that we are your IGClerks

100% Safe for Your Account

If you are scared of being banned by Instagram for used unacceptable means, then IGClerks is the safest way to get what you need. Our methods are legitimate and will give you the best of results. We will attract real people (that can interact with you — like and comment on your content) to your video and not fake accounts.

Our methods are also safe. With us, you face no risk. I can’t vouch for every other service out there.

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